Summer Jewelry Tips

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Summer Jewelry Tips

The sun is shining brighter, the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are beginning to rise. Our moods are becoming jovial, and we are ready to partake in the traditional festive summer actives here in the Chesapeake Bay region. It is time to start thinking about your summer jewelry collection, and how to accessorize for everyday fun, or special occasions. Allow the jewelry experts at Guilford and Company to offer you some fashionable wisdom.

So, how do you build that perfect summer collection and how do you incorporate your classic and whimsical pieces to create a polished look? We have some great summer jewelry tips.

Perennial Favorites

We all love to pull out our vibrant toned gemstones that are great at making a statement against the lighter colored fashions of the spring and summer. Here in the Chesapeake Area we are particularly proud of our nautical culture and take full advantage of displaying this pride in many ways. Men and women can be seen flaunting custom styles that are perennial favorites featuring ocean critters like starfish and crabs. Pieces can either incorporate jewels or be streamlined, created simply in precious metal.

Classic Styles

Classic styles like pearls or simple gold and silver earrings are perfect for this season. These will pair perfectly with more whimsical pieces. They add a subtle sophistication while accompanying a playful statement. Consider pearl earrings with a large pendant necklace, or a strand of pearls with statement earrings. Gold bangles or hoop earrings pair beautifully with large rings or bold brooches and stick pins.

For the Gentlemen

For the gentlemen, we carry many styles of cufflinks and lapel pins. Civilized pieces that incorporate the Maryland Flag design, or sailboats, add an expressive finishing touch to a tailored shirt for a summer special event. These subtle details add elegance and are sure to be a conversation starter at your next soiree.

Summer Floral and Fauna

Floral Designs are synonymous with summer and can remain either classic or make an avant-garde statement. Classic styles like rose bud earrings or flower brooches will add a stylish element to either an everyday look or for a festive party. For those trying to make an edgier statement, why nor pair summer flora and fauna? Imagine: Bees or dragonflies with blossoms, snakes, lizards, or turtles with leaves. Butterflies are always an acceptable design to add some seasonal flair, as well.

Accessorizing can be a challenge in sweltering temperatures and sticky humidity. No one wants to feel burdened with cumbersome jewelry at a festive outdoor event. But, you can still utilize your summer collection in creative ways for a polished look even in the most sizzling heat. You may want to avoid heavy pieces around the neck. It is best to opt for bold earrings that make a statement. Summer hairstyles like ponytails, top knots, or low buns are both cool and hot when paired with earrings that make a statement.

If you are interested in finding a unique piece to add to your collection or are interested in understanding how to utilize best what is in your treasury stop in and see us. Speak with any of the jewelry experts at Guilford and Company. We love working with you to create your distinctive  look to make a statement for any occasion.

**Disclaimer** Please Inquire about the jewelry mentioned her. Pieces go quickly, some/all may not be available at this time. Thanks!