Tips for Caring, Cleaning, and Storing Diamonds

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Tips for Caring, Cleaning, and Storing Diamonds

Diamonds are known for their beauty, and many of us feel they are virtually indestructible. But, because they are one of the hardest substances on Earth, does not mean that they should not be treated with care. You may be wearing certain pieces, (such as a diamond engagement ring), 24 hours a day, or you may wear others only on special occasions, (such as your great grandmother’s diamond brooch). You should be giving careful attention to the safekeeping of all your diamond pieces. Here are a few tips for caring, cleaning, and storing diamonds to keep your treasures brilliant for generations to come.

Diamond Care

The first word of advice your jeweler will give you is never to wear diamond jewelry when doing rough work, hard labor, or at the gym. Even though a diamond is one of the hardest materials found in nature, it can still be chipped by a sudden sharp blow. Also, never wear your diamond, especially a ring, when using chlorine bleach to clean. Chlorine will discolor the mounting of your jewelry, so consider removing it before entering a chlorinated pool or a hot tub. Lastly, you should also avoid touching the actual diamond with your fingers and handle the jewelry by its edges. Your natural oils will settle on the surface of the diamond and attract dust, which will create a film on the stone over time. Avoid using lotions or hairspray while wearing your diamonds. You may even want to consider removing your jewelry before showering or bathing.

Diamond Cleaning

Clean your diamond regularly. You should use a product recommended by your jeweler so as to avoid accidentally using harsh chemicals (we recommend lemon scented ammonia and a baby toothbrush). In a pinch, ammonia-based household cleaners, such as window cleaner, diluted in water is an effective mixture to soak your diamonds in. Invest in a lint-free chamois cloth or a soft bristle brush to avoid excessive abrasives. Take care to rub the back of the diamond, as well as the top, because this area will unsuspectedly collect oils and dirt. Be cautious of fragile settings and estate jewelry, and avoid ultrasonic cleaners. While the vibrations used in these cleaners are effective at shaking dirt loose, they may loosen stones in older pieces. Ask your jeweler for recommendations for cleaning these more fragile pieces.

Diamond Storage

When you are not wearing your precious jewelry, you should always store it in a clean, dry place. Keep it in a fabric-lined case or a box with individual compartments. You may want to consider wrapping valuable individual pieces in tissue paper before storing. Never jumble your diamonds together with other pieces in once case because the diamonds may scratch each other or the other pieces. Although it may seem like common sense, never remove your jewelry and place in on a sink ledge or shelf, even for a moment. Accidents can, and do happen, consider keeping a special box or bowl by the sink for when you do the dishes or for washing up at the end of the day.
You should always have your diamonds inspected yearly by your jeweler. She will check for loose prongs or worn mountings. It is also nice to have the pieces professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The certified gem specialists at Guilford and Company take pride in assisting our customers in keeping their pieces in the best condition possible. We know that whether it is a unique find, a special gift, or a family treasure, your jewelry means the world to you. Stop into our showroom for a yearly inspection, or if you have questions. Please feel free to contact us at any time with concerns or for more information.